Free Download: MODX Content Editor Access Policy

Nov 13, 2012


As of MODX Revolution version 2.2.5, the Access Policy export feature is fixed! This was a huge PITA for a long time, because who wants to go through the list of 174 permissions hunting for the right ones to check off? The Access Policy Templates are a great help, of course, but the Content Editor Policy never had the permissions I needed for my clients. Now, I can export and import them at will, and IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM!

How to Export Your Own Access Policies

This is really easy, but also easy to miss. In the Manager, go to the top menu "Security" » "Access Controls". On that page, select the "Access Policies" tab. Right-click on the Policy you wish to export, and choose "Export Policy". You'll be prompted to download an XML file.

MODX Access Policies

**If you notice the bug displayed in this screenshot, mention it in the comments for public recognition and fame ;)

How to Import an Access Policy

When it's time to setup a new site, navigate to the same page and click the "Import" button. Choose the XML file and voila! A new Access Policy will be created with the settings from your XML file! Note: on older versions of MODX this feature was buggy. If you're using 2.2.5 sites on both ends of the transaction, it should work perfectly - it did for me!

I Don't Wanna Export My Own Policy, Where's My Free Download?

Get it here. Have fun!