Markup to MODX in 60 Minutes

Aug 22, 2013

Make Your Markup Dynamic in an Hour or Less

MODX is a content management system and application framework that lets you use whatever front end technologies you want:

  • any HTML specification, from zero to infinity,
  • any CSS specification, until the moon collides with the earth,
  • any Javascript library in reality or imagination,
  • any text, graphic or multimedia content including Flash, HTML5 video, Google-glass-TARDIS-5D-iStartrek format,
  • anything a web browser can handle, now or in the future.

It gives site owners and content authors an intuitive interface for uploading and editing content, and an extremely powerful PHP framework and database object relational mapper to power it all.

That Sound Complicated?

It's actually really, really easy to use! Watch these videos and learn how to take your static sites and gorgeous designs into infinity and beyond in under an hour. Not as fast as a blue Police box but darn close.