MODX Visual Sitemap Generator

Dec 17, 2012

MODX Visual Sitemap Generator

visualSitemap: a new pre-design tool for MODX Revolution

A Visual Sitemap Generator: Perfect for pre-design work and getting client signoffs.

[UPDATE June 30, 2015]: I only just noticed that visualSitemap wasn't available in the Extras Installer in Revo 2.3+, so I released visualSitemap version 2. Some potentially "breaking" changes, including putting all the functionality into one Snippet, versus two. It still relies on Wayfinder—maybe in a future release I'll make that optional. Please let me know in the comments if this is important to you.

visualSitemap uses the ubiquitous Wayfinder Snippet to replicate your Resource Tree in a nicely styled, HTML/CSS sitemap with clickable links. Get a jump on development as well, because the Resource Tree will already be populated with the site's architecture.

visualSitemap uses SlickMap CSS by Matt Everson of Astuteo

He's an EE guy, but donate to show him how awesome the MODX community is—and to let him know you appreciate his work! All I did was integrate his CSS with MODX and package it using Git Package Management.


visualSitemap Generator for MODX

visual sitemap plugin for modx

How to get it

visualSitemap is available for download from the MODX Extras repo, and can be installed via Package Management (the Extras Installer in MODX Revolution 2.3+)

Usage instructions are in the readme file. This project is managed in Github. Issues and PRs are welcome :D

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