ReCaptcha Version 2 for MODX

Feb 17, 2015

ReCaptcha Version 2 for MODX

What's ReCaptcha V2?

If you aren't aware of it already,  ReCaptcha helps combat email and form spam by attempting to identify humans from bots. The downside is that no human enjoyed filling in ReCaptchas, which leads to form abandonment. Version 2 of ReCaptcha utilizes smarter algorithms to identify humans with less work on the part of the human. If filling out a ReCaptcha could be considered work, that is.

That said, the new ReCaptcha certainly looks nicer:

New ReCaptcha V2
ReCaptcha V2 for MODX

Old ReCaptcha

As you can see the new one's much nicer.

How do I get it?

First you need a MODX CMS website :) Then you need to either download the ReCaptchaV2 Extra from the MODX Extras Repo or simply install via the Extras Installer in your MODX Manager. 

Follow the instructions in the ReadMe and you'll be well on your way to stopping spam, but in a nice, futuristic, artificial-intelligence-laden way. Vive la MODX!