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TinyMCE Rich Text Editor

TinyMCE 4 for MODX Revolution View this extra at


Frontbar displays an admin toolbar in the front end. View this extra at


Articles is a Custom Resource Type for MODX 2.2 and later, that adds a custom Article Resource to MODX that streamlines blogging, commenting, archiving, tagging and other features of MODX into one unified interface. View this extra at


Output modifier turns an address into a Google Maps static map. View this extra at


Convert MODX resources to PDF files using mPDF View this extra at


Snippet returns the value of a TV, recursively returning values from parent resources when the TV is blank. Inlcudes an option for fallback document/tv combination. View this extra at


Form data management tool, helps view/export form data in useful formats View this extra at


Generation of ext. & internal file links via the file browser. View this extra at

Elfsight Airbnb Reviews

Display your Airbnb reviews on the site for higher credibility View this extra at

Elfsight Booking Reviews

Show reviews from to prove your reputation View this extra at

Elfsight Cookie Consent

Display a cookie consent bar to your website visitors View this extra at

Elfsight Age Verification

Verify age to restrict underage users from access to website View this extra at

Elfsight PDF Embed

Embed PDF docs with ease for seamless viewing View this extra at

Elfsight File Embed

Embed, view and download all kinds of files on your website View this extra at