MODX Revolution 2.2 - Dashboard Widgets

Dec 16, 2011

Update on MODX Revolution 2.2 site build: installed a custom Dashboard Widget! 

The Dashboard used to be called the "Welcome" screen and it's the first page you see upon logging into the MODX Manager. The fact that it's customizable is great, because you can put all kinds of content in there for your clients & end users to see. In MODX pre-2.2 you could show your own feeds, but Dashboard Widgets takes it about a million steps further. Any html content can be used as a widget!

This could have many uses, but for this site I've embedded documentation for the SEO team - instructions on using MODX and a map of Resource fields to HTML tags, etc.

MODX 2.2 Custom Dashboard

The Dashboard is basically a communication device between you and the users of the site's MODX Manager.

Creating and installing a widget is so dead easy I'm not even going to go through it here. The Official Documentation explains it all:


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