MODX Revolution 2.2 - OMG OMG OMG!!!

Dec 15, 2011

*UPDATE: This review is part of a series "Adventures in MODX Revolution 2.2" as Mark Hamstra coined in a comment. Other posts include:

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  3. MODX 2.2 and Articles Blog Engine

This is bad. Really bad. I just installed MODX Revolution 2.2 - rebuilding a client's site to specs - and instead of working I'm blogging about how 2.2 IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!

Ok, here's a short sneak peek. 2.2 is a Release-Candidate which means it shouldn't go live without extensive testing. Apparently in January we'll get a public release. I'll be updating regularly as I build this site, because there might be a fun way to use MODX 2.2 Custom Resource Types with's itemtypes...Honestly I don't know enough about the new Resource Types yet. There's definitely a lot of fun to be had with the new Articles blogging addon. For now, let's look at first impressions of the new MODX 2.2 Manager back-end.

I LOVE IT!!! Here's why:

The welcome screen now looks like this:

MODX 2.2 Welcome Screen

Ignore the sleek, refined look for a moment and checkout the "Dashboard" top level menu item. It brings you to a new configuration page:

MODX 2.2 Welcome Screen Customization

This allows you to customize the welcome screen to your heart's desire. When your client's login to MODX, they see what you want them to see. Awesome.

The very next thing you'll notice is that the Resource Tree not only looks more sleek, but acts more sleek - as in it refreshes way faster. The Resources tab sports a new search field and the Files tab has a new dropdown to select Media Sources. If you haven't heard of Media Sources, check out Jay's post in the MODX Forums. It basically allows you to connect your File Tree to anything, including a separate server (Amazon bucket, etc)!!!

MODX 2.2 File Tree Media Sources

As if that wasn't enough, I headed over to Package Management to install the new Articles blogging addon, and the Package Manager sports a sleek new look and yummy animations. Not to mention being way faster as well. 

MODX 2.2 Package ManagerMODX 2.2 Package Manager

The MODX Team has taken extJS to a whole new level!!

That's as far as I've gotten so far. As I said I'll be doing regular updates as I pour through this site and the new MODX, but first impressions are:

WOW. Another Winner...Thanks MODX Team!

*UPDATE: As per Shaun's comment, a big shout-out to @lossendae for the amazing contributions to the new MODX UI. Hats off!!